As you may or may not know, I'm graduated from high school last year, so just this week, I entered into the 'real world'... 

Not that i really study but STUDYING IS GOOD! The best way to motivate me is to basically have the cutest stationery I can find (pretty much everything kikki k) but also reached for that  monochrome-y neutral colour scheme for my basic notebooks and diary haha (old habits die hard...).

Other items I picked up were some neutral nail polishes from The Face Shop, which I have been loving for the fast drying and easy application of the formula :) Been loving the lip balms from The Body Shop, seriously the scents are so delicious, so I stocked up on that too since my lips are forever chapped.. still gotta look good at uni!

Sorry for being missing from the blogging scene coz i've been hit with some killer cold (just my luck) that turned into something even nastier.

Not that I had the best experience, but hey it could've been worse! DEFINITELY loving the more chill uni vibe and keen for the parties hehe. 

may I survive uni...

alice xx

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