.: Top, Chicabooti | Skirt, Paint It Red | Heels, River Island |clutch, Colette :.

Despite being fairly certain this skirt is supposed to fit the wearer to create a trumpet flare silhouette, I decided to try it out anyway despite my lanky shapeless form, resulting in an odd half trumpet, half a-line composition. But hey, I tried!

As usual, I stuck with my black and white palette (I'm starting to think someone needs to burn my entire closet before I pick up some colour). Basically this is what I wore to family dinner, so I kept it neat and simple, and a little classier (or maybe just longer, you guys decide haha).

Any suggestions for my next post? Starting to think I've neglected this blog to the point of failure. TY to my laziness haha

alice xx


  1. I loveeee that top! Gorgeous neckline. And gorgeous background, whoa.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. Thanks, super obsessed with these tops. And yess, the view was perf!


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